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Lady Gaga On Bbc 3 Now...

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  • 2 years later...

It may have been two and a half years since you've discussed her but it's now official.



Gaga is the best female artist of all time.


"Art and pop culture and me".


Madonna broke boundaries 30+ years ago with like a virgin. Eberdeen's own Annie Lennox had a phenomenal voice but rarely spake her ain message. Lady Gaga has everything - music, attitude, originality, vocals, innovation, performance, everything. I love this girl.

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Did anybody see her on Graham Norton? Fine lassie, kens fit she's deein. Made June Brown (her that's Dot Cotton) look like a butter in comparison

It was her appearance on Norton that got me asking the kids about her and then researching her music. We were all aware of her hits but getting into Artpop particularly flicked the switch for me. Genius woman.

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