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Ace isn't it.


Best festival in the world, and I'll be there again hanging out with like-minded folk at the cider bus.


Decent line up but looks like Iike I'll miss Primal Scream and Chem Bros.


Will obvioulsy give Beyonce a bodyswerve, waste of f**kin space.

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  • 4 years later...
A sex offender who attacked a woman while she slept had his curfew lifted so he could go to Glastonbury.

Harry Webb, 21, indecently assaulted a young barmaid while he was high of alcohol and drugs but was spared jail.

He was subject to a three month curfew as part of a suspended prison sentence, meaning he was meant to be at home from 8pm until 6am.

But Judge Peter Blair QC lifted it for seven days from June 21 to June 27 so he does not miss out on the music festival jaunt with his family.

Webb’s victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, branded the judge’s decision “a disgrace”.

"I don't know what the judge was thinking of but clearly it wasn't me,” she told The Sun. "I am shocked that after all I've been through the court are so soft on him. I feel so let down.

"What Harry Webb did has changed my life. But he's just had a slap across the wrist and been allowed to live his life as normal.

"He'll be swanning around at Glastonbury watching his favourite bands as if nothing has happened. It doesn't make sense."

Webb pleaded guilty to indecently assaulting his victim after she fell asleep at his home following a night out. He must now register as a sex offender.

Webb was handed a 12-month suspended jail term plus a three-month curfew.

However when his lawyer told Judge Blair at Swindon crown court on Friday that a "family outing" to Glastonbury had been booked and paid for, he agreed to lift the curfew during the festival.

The Webbs regularly attend the festival, whose headliners include Adele, Coldplay and Muse.

Peter Saunders, of abuse victims' charity NAPAC, said the judge’s decision was “utterly perverse”.

"I cannot see it can possibly be justified,” he said. “It shows these crimes are not seen as serious and that's a big issue for courts."

Judge Blair defended his decision. When told of the victim's distress, he said: "If she writes to me I will explain my decision."

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