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Uncharted Series

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  • 3 weeks later...

played a handful of the dlc games.


by f**k they are hard.


im up to level 45 so obviously im no n00b at this game, but jesus h christ, co-op missions are a beast. completed the regular ones all on hard wi minimal fuss but i cant get past wave 6 of these new ones for love nor money. adding everyone i meet who has the dlc pack as a friend so ive got a better chance of getting in again in the near future. hoping practise makes passable.

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  • 11 months later...

if anyone still has uncharted 2, playstation are giving away all the DLC for FREE till late june to celebrate U1 and U2 being made available for digital download.


i havent played in months but ive just been on and downloaded the other packs i didnt buy at the time.


still cant find a game to join like but the offer has only been up for a few hours so its to be expected.


was away to buy U3 but this may keep me amused for a few more weeks till the GOTY release

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