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Good Pubs In Glasgow City Centre?

Johnny Mac

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best bets in weeg are probably in bath street, the merchant city or the west end (ashton lane). plenty of decent places there. however, they might be funny about letting big groups in at once.


there is also the beir halle in gordon street, which is not far from central/queen street, which does some tremendous beers. but its a bit pricey (4 quid for a pint of staropraman or estrella!). plus, the lab which is not that far away. decent pub - but a bit like a local in the city centre if that makes sense.


im out of touch with clubbing I'm afraid

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As the title suggests.


Got a stagger down there this weekend.


Any pubs centrally that sell a range of good beers and ales....???


Only three places I would go on a night out in Glasgow:


1. Bath St - plenty of good pubs on this street. Lucky No.7 is one my favourites along with Flat 0/1 next door; both are a bit different and, while you won't get a vast selection of beer and ales, they provide a little more than just your standard pint of T. If that's what you're after then Bunker and Moskito will easily provide that. Butterfly and Pig (already mentioned) is also a good shout. Choice of either Kushion (poser-ish) or Buff Club (indie) as a club after.


2. Ashton Lane/West End - always a good night out on the Lane. Brel is good as it is a Belgian pub/restaurant so you will get something different, but the good thing about Ashton Lane is that, if you don't like the place you are in, there's another 5 or 6 pubs right on your door step. Jordanhill Bookclub is a 5 min walk up from there, but is a great wee pub complete with old school video games (SNES etc) and table tennis. After that Oran Mor is the place to go; plenty of fanny that is up for it and hardly any minkyness.


3. Merchant City - I hardly ever go on a night out here, so I'm afraid I can't help with it, although I do hear good things about it and I know it doesn't cater for minks.


Avoid places near central station like the plague. Guaranteed to be full of idiots.


Anyway, I hope this helps and that you have a cracking stag! Best get somewhere early if you're wanting to watch Champions League final as town will be rammed what with it being a bank holiday on Monday. It's my end of season night out and we have a table in a pub booked. Did that 2 weeks ago and places were already starting to fill up.

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I agree with Stoney, there's no such thing as a decent pub in Glasgow.


You're talking best of a bad bunch.


Mind and ask for a 'hauf and a hauf' to fit in with the inbred locals.


Choosing between pubs in weegieland is like asking someone whether they want you to pish in their mouth or sh*t on their face.


No choice is going to make you feel good.

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Thanks to those for the 'sensible' suggestions!


Thanks to the trolls for their input too.


There's is only going to be about 6 or 7 of us so shouldn't be too big a group.


Bath St / Merchant City sound spot on as we're staying in George Square.


Quite fancy a wee trip up to the West end too as I think we've got a private cinema hired up by there.

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We went at the end of July last year and started off in the Crystal Palace on, I think, Jamaica Street. It's just your typical Wetherspoons but supplied very cheap Jager which went down well but resulted in memory lapses so can't recall much of the rest of the night although Brunswick Cellars was quite good.

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I usually drink in McSorelys on Jamaica St

Yip, and some decent live music on a Saturday night whenever I've been there.

If you're looking for a dive for a few cheap ones early on, I'd suggest Auctioneers, North Court just off George Square, or Counting House, on George Square. Usually go to there with the girlfriend when I'm staying at hers in Glasgow.


Though if you want a real laugh, go to her neck of the woods in Bridgeton and try The Seven Ways, Walkers, The Station, or the creme de la creme - The Crimson Star, lovingly bedecked in Union and Ulster Flags. Never, ever have I been less tempted to go in anywhere for a drink.

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the advice re avoiding anywhere near central is pretty sound! the beir halle and lab are exceptions. and possibly the hourseshoe if you want an old mans haunt.


AVOID silver and/or play. I dunno if they are the same place or not. i wouldn't recommend the end of jamaica st where the crystal palace wetherspoons is positioned. not the best of areas round there. stick to the advice of bath st, merchant city and the west end.


all the places mentioned in bath st are a good bet. moskito and butterfly and pig are both excellent.

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