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New Celtic Away Shirt

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i dont get this.


is it nike or celtic who style the shirt?

presumably celtic steer nike on a style or celtic have to give the o.k. to any nike inspired design?


either way, whoever signs off on this abomination certainly doesnt do either brand any favours.

it doesnt reflect well on nike, who make it and i presume it doesnt help the celtic coffers much.


and another thing....


why do teams like barcelona, celtic, juve, and some others who have iconic home kits almost always have a disgusting away strip?

how hard is it for barcelona to design an easy on the eye awak kit ? ? ?

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Think they'll have to use the white letters and numbers for the back of the shirts. You can only properly see "HOO" of "HOOPER" there.


worst. strip. ever!

as befits that despicable club and their arsehole bigoted fans (GFITW my arse!)

I hate them more than their bigot brother pals from across the city

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