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Paul Scholes

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Would be the complete central midfielder AND the best ever if he could have tackled.



Coming from a fan of the Scousers that is high praise indeed.



Was at a wedding last month where the best man's gift was a framed signed Scholes shirt. Should mean a bit more now.

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Easily the best england player of his generation. I hate man u but Scholes was a joy to watch. Except for his two goals against us at hampden. Didn't whore himself to the media and all he wanted to do was play fitba and go and watch oldham in his time off. I reckon that out of the whole man u team Scholes in his pomp would have got a game for Barca now that's how good he was. As for his tackling, i don't think scholes made a bad tackle he didn't mean to make if you get my drift. A true fitbaain genius.

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