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Jamie Oliver

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Good Old Jamie got me into cooking back in the day of the original "naked chef" bought most of his books, and Im a pretty dab hand now thanks to him.


Ive been watching his series in LA about school dinners etc, and his quest to get decent grub into the fatties.


What are your thoughts on the man?


I think he's a bit of a fanny to be honest... I hated the whole "Mockney" fad that became fashionable round about the turn of the century. He was one of the leaders of that movement.


That being said, his cook books are pretty good. I'm currently sitting in my living room eating a shepherds pie which I prepared according to one of his recipes. It's fantastic! I also cooked his Piri Piri chickenlast week, after seeing it on his 30 minute meals TV show - also excellent! The Piri Piri sauce is amazing!

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He's basically Chris Maguire with a chefs jacket and hat!


I loved his original programmes and admit to buying his book and getting into the kitchen,


He did become a pain in the arse in recent years, but behind the scenes I think he has a genuine belief in healthy foods for the kids in the schools, and rightly so, pity the parents didnt have the same thoughts on this.

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Top bloke...one of the main instigators in me starting to cook a lot. The majority of my favourite recipes originated as Jamie recipes that I have honed to my own liking.


For anyone looking to get into cooking I'd recommend his iPhone app as it is top notch.

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At least he had the balls to go to America and try to encourage them to eat more healthy. I don't see whats wrong with what he does with his school dinner programs. School dinners have always been horrendous and I think if they made them more healthy then that can only be a good thing. The parents in America just didn't want to be told that they are fat and they are turning their kids into balloons as well...well f**k em, let them die an unhealthy death while we, being a nation of health concious fitness freaks strive...


oh wait....

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