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The Elephant Man

The Boofon

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I have a mate I call Merrick, among other things.


He fell off a scooter without a helmet and skidded along the road on his face.


Fair shape of a man.


Good laugh when drunk.


Weid as f**k. A bit of channel hopping and I see there is a programme on just now on Channel 4 called "The Elephant Man"


Spooky goings on as this thread just popped into my head earlier on with no knowledge of said film.


I could be in the circus myself with thinking like that.



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Is there space in society to bring back the freak shows?


The BBC beat you to it, The Scheme.


I've zero time for freaks, f**koff, I'm busy, get some other c**t to indulge you, I've more than enough on my plate thanks, I've myself to look after.


Must admit freak shows are good, but of course they're banned, because their whole purpose was to make a c**t of the halfwits for an audience.


A bit non-PC.

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