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Discount Voucher For Club Shop

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My wife went and bought the families season tickets for next year. I know how stupid are we?


So after signing away the guts of a grand she gets handed her new tickets and a discount voucher for the club shop, 10%.


Great, she says, that will be a good bit saved of the kids new strips.


Oh, no it's not. Disclamier on the voucher says not to be used while purchasing the new strip.


So we can get discount on anything else in the shop but not the items we really want to purchase.


She almost asked for her grand back and told them to poke their season tickets.

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That is an absolute joke, and shows the contempt fans are held in these days by the clueless corporates running clubs.


I would go and ask for all your money back, definitely, on principle.


10% off is also a joke, it should be a heck of a lot more than that if you've just shelled out a grand, the mark up on some of these things will be 80%, in the shop, they're giving you 1/8th of that, contemptuous.

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When the club shop was last run by the club season ticket holders used to get discount right through the year, not just a one off voucher for anything but a strip. That all changed when Just....what ever it was... took over. I thought with the shop coming back under the management of the club they would be looking at incentives, particualrly for season ticket holders, and even more with the new strips coming close to release.


At a time when they are desperate, you would of thought, to get the cash from season ticket holders, you'd think they would be pushing all the boats out to maximise the sales.


Ach, well at least I can get 10% discount on a stuffed Angus the Bull!

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