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Fa Fancies An Electronic Drum Kit?


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Unless you're willing to pay top pound, you'll never play an electronic kit that feels or sounds like an acoustic ... But then, most people are buying electronic kits because of noise restrictions which makes the decision for them. Also, consider that in venues bigger than pubs, acoustic sets are miked up anyway, so they're "electronic" in how the audience ends up hearing them.


If you can't play an acoustic kit, you don't have a choice. I've played the DTXplorer, and a few of my chums have that model. It's a solid middle-of-the-road choice and an excellent starting point.

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Was looking at Electric drum kits today. Brother wants a drum kit but we live in a flat block.


Are they techincally any good?

I prefer an acoustic kit, but being able to play around with this is great. Really not wanting to give it up but we just don't have the space for it unfortunately. You don't get the feel of an acoustic but unless you're Bonham then you're not going to need it to be perfect. Great for flats and certainly does the job. I'll post a pic tomorrow but it really doesn't differ from the pics on the web.

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I facny sticking this on gumtree/eBay/paper so last call if anyone wants it. Might listen to offers and I can deliver if it's in Aiberdeen.


Mental having a starting bid at the price you want. No chance of anyone bidding.


Not for me but I'll take your Ray Ban Black Frame Model 3025 Mirrored Aviators off you if you fancy selling them. :vader:

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