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I Never Learned To....


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Play the guitar, bought two over the last 7 years but never stuck at it.


BC, even now get in to a martial art, best thing I have done in a long while.


Snap Mini!


I'd love to be able to play the guitar, but usually too pished to learn/play it. I've had 2 guitars, and i'm good at smashing them up like a star!

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apply myself properly at high school, to the best of my ability.


I just mucked about, and still did well, but all my cards said 'could do much better' and I paid no attention to them despite, in hindsight, appreciating that the teachers had my best interests at heart, and were decent people trying their best in the face of at times severe adversity. I just thought they were being dicks.


Mind you, there's all kinds of sh*t swimmin about in a young loon's head at that age and I reckon sitting exams at that age is unfair, as you've bigger priorities than f**king schoolwork on your agenda and dinna listen to a word of advice, good or bad.


University entrance should be done on an interview basis, or trial, rather than these grades achieved whilst blasted on testosterone and hormones.

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WOuld go with that aswell Tup, at school I was bored, depressed and just couldn't give a f**k, so didn't bother in most classes apar from Modern Studies.


Aye I just wanted to play football and fight, and got excluded for two weeks at one stage for swedgin.

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Aye I just wanted to play football and fight, and got excluded for two weeks at one stage for swedgin.

I got excluded a few times, incident in science with acid was a good een, other times were through me reacting to the guys 3 years older than me that bullied me.

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Im a believer that w*nkers employ w*nkers, hence why most bosses are w*nkers.


I dont respect many people in the workplace, I wish I could, but I cant respect or listen to people that.......I just cant respect.




I don't respect anyone, it's the only way ahead, belittle everyone and everything, thus empowering yourself.


Got that, c**t?

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