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My Idiot Father In The P&j Tonight


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cant find it in the online edition so youll have to take my word for it or check your own copy.


anyway, i get a phonecall last night from my mum saying its about your dad. hes in hospital. hes been in surgery for the last 6 hours.


so im thinking ffs, whats happened. to be in surgery for 6 hours is obviously very serious so he must be on deaths door so i obviously get a bit concerned.


turns out he now works at aberdeen airport as a baggage handler and got his hand caught in a machine yesterday. had the fire brigade out, ambulance, loads of stuff. anyone meant to be on the london flight was delayed for hours for obvious reasons.


she then tells me his new(ish) mrs called her to say he had been in the operating room and it looks like hell lose his left hand.


so given that i thought he was dead, finding out his hand is gone seems a bit of a blessing.


called me today to say shed spoken to the ward and as of right now hes only lost his pinky and ring finger above the knuckle but they are operating again tomorrow to see if they can save the other 3 fingers or not.


no idea what actually happened yet but from what folk are saying, the baggage machine got stuck and hes gone to turn it off but slipped and fell into it.


in the wider context, it makes you thankful for what you have. even simple things like tying his shoelace will be a bitch (if its still possible). hes a keen golfer but this will have pretty much put paid to that aswell. ive no idea how itll affect the rest of his life if he does lose the other 3. driving will become a monumental change, not impossible but so much new stuff to learn at 57. cant see him still being a baggage handler with one working hand.


and to round it off for him, hes 56 for another 22 hours. birthday june 8th.

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If they can save the other 3 he will be fine. My brother had a wall collapse on his hand a few years back. He lost his pinky and ring finger, his middle came right off but they got it stitched back on. He's now fine and reckons it has no adverse effect on his life. So hopefully all go's well for you Dad.

Chin up mate...

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As someone who has had similar I also find it very harsh that you call your dad an idiot. Accidents happen and no one wants them to happen. I hope your dad makes a good recovery. Oh and it is amazing what you can learn to do when one hand is out of commision.

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aye, hes always been a bit of a showman. certainly no shrinking violet. his party piece for as long as i can remember is him walking on his hands. so once hes out, hell undoubtedly be in the paper giving an interview to milk it that fraction more :laughing:

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Looking through the P and J, I can't seem to find the story though.


Presumably yesterday's one?


aye, 6/6 one. my mother showed her age when she said "i just nipped out to get a copy. i got you one too coz i thought you might like one to keep".


almost knocked myself unconscious with the facepalm

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