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Refs Want Bag Of Sand A Game


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A grand a game... seriously? Most of these guys have full time jobs on top of their referee careers. Pro rata, that is more than most professional footballer are being paid.


Wouldn't mind if they were any good, but they're not. I guess at that sort of money, you could feasibly attract full time refs (maybe aspiring footballers that had injuries, or just saddos that want to stand and be shouted at for 90 mins). How many games would a ref take on per season? 30-40 perhaps if you looked at Saturday, Sunday, weekdays. 40k salary is not a bad wage is it, considering the time off you'd get.



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I'm all in favour of paying them decent money. Make them full time though. IF they're getting paid for it in anything other than pennies then they have to choose career.


I agree.


You could also make a percentage of the pay (as a bonus) for performance - assessed by a foreigner, preferably.

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if they want the extra cash then we should make them more accountable for their actions, for decades old firm fans/refs have made some incredibly poor and blatant decisions in favour of the old firm, they have dug their own grave in many respects in terms of being abused by fans because fans see their poor displays every week


more cash won't make these idiots any better at being ref's, they're just as responsible for the scottish league's decline as over spending, corruption is in every sport and i've no doubt there's corruption in scottish football

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