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Still applies though, their supporters being every bit as cretinous (copyright The Scheme) now, even more so perhaps, as they were then.


That picture tells a thousand stories.


Unemployed? Hun.


Penchant for fags and strong drink? Hun.


Clueless yet opinionated? Hun.


No teeth in your head to speak of? Hun.


Given up on life? Hun.


Neanderthal, inbred looks? Hun.


Staggering conceit? Hun.


Boss eyed? Hun.




We are the people indeed :lolrangers:

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I know it's an old one, it was only meant as a bit of lighthearted fun for a Friday afternoon! But hey I forgot, we support Aberdeen we don't do "fun" anymore like we used to in the good old days!


I was repulsed you posted that, only becuase when I looked at it I was eating my lunch at the time... gads min!

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I'd like to see a breakdown of sales of Rangers 'taps' in terms of sizes.


Guaranteed the XXL's are the biggest sellers.


Reminds me of a joke:


A weegie is in the court in Glasgow, up on an indictment, for battering someone.


Under cross examination, the judge says to him 'Can you please explain to me young man why you visited this man at his home, and subsequently assaulted him?'


The weegie says 'I went there for a tap'


The judge says 'Ah, I see, a plumbing argument, some DIY disaster?'


The court bursts into laughter, including the young weegie in the dock. The judge grows a touch irritable.


One of the court officials motions to the judge the old thumb rubbing on fingers gesture, the universal signal for money.


'Ah, says the judge, I see what you mean, you went there for a loan of money? And you were refused, causing an argument to erupt which led to the assault?'


Still smirking, the weegie in the dock says 'naw'.


The judge, furious by this point, says abruptly 'WHAT KIND OF TAP ARE YOU ON ABOUT???'


'A Rangers tap' says the weegie.



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