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Aberdeen Is Wonderful


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Good lord a survey from a load of mental patients cannot have credibility surely?


The Mercer Survey is a lunatics survey right?


Aberdeen is a sh*t hole of epic proportions.


Each to their own I guess.


Vienna topping the list gives the survey even less credibility.


I like this quote.


Aberdeen City Council

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One thing I heard on the radio this morning was the following:


"Aberdeen has plans to put a glass pyramid in Union Terrace gardens, and they are looking into the possibility of a roof over the whole of Union Street".


Who thinks of these ideas, absolute mentalists!


Dispels the myth that players dont sign for us as Aberdeen is a barren, sh1thole.


A roof over part of Union Street, if done correctly, would be a brilliant idea!!

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Sounds like a good idea to me - City could do with a bit more visionary thinking.


Given the council is soon moving into their brilliant new office building, hopefully the site of St Nicholas House get redeveloped too.


Not all doom and gloom in this city as most would have you believe...

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