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24th december in the highlands sounds awesome. Can see that one selling out regardless of league positions of either team. Good one for caley to get. Hope they give the away team a bigger allocation there will certainly certainly be plenty part time supporters all over that one

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They getting Saturday lunchtime slots as Europe games will be on during week.


ah of course, keep their coffers filled with TV cash and keep them happy about fixture congestion.


The SPL would be as well letting those two clubs sit down together and decide who they want to play and at what time.

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Rangers twice at Ibrox!!! please let us break the feckin hoodooo!!!


23 games and i have never seen us win there.


Lot of near misses and a lot of broken hearted moments.


Worst had to be when chris clark was clean through on the keeper chiped the ball and despite the spin going the right way the ball still didnt go in off the post.


That would have been the best day of my life had that gone in. Then that c**t went up the other end and scored a flukey as f**k goal just to twist the blade.


If we finish 11th but beat the huns at ibrox i will be happy enough, i pray for small miracles.

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According to Red Web, Duncan Fraser wants to get the Xmas Eve at ICT game moved because " Im sure many of our supporters will baulk at the thought of a game on a day that is traditionally a day for families to be together" :dontknow:


Ahhh yes, I do love the traditional christmas eve lunch... wait...

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