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558 Foreign Players In The Scottish Premier League

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558 Foreign Players have played in the Scottish Premier League from season 1998-99 to 2010-11.


Rangers have had the most foreign players with 89.


Aberdeen have had 35 foreign players.


France has supplied the most players with 85.


Players from a total of 78 foreign countries (non-British & Irish Isles) have had participate in the Scottish Premier League since season 1998-99.


Complete details of every foreign player can be found here...


Scottish Premier League Foreign Players 1998-99 to 2010-11


...while full details of all 18 Scottish Premier League teams and the 78 foreign countries can be found here...


Scottish Premier League Foreign Players by Club & Country 1998-99 to 2010-11

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Ireland no a foreign country anymore? :itch-chin:


Edit: The players must meet both of the following two criteria:


1. Have played at least one Scottish Premier League game. Players who were signed by Scottish Premier League clubs, but only played


in lower league, Domestic Cup competitions and/or European games, or did not play in any competitive games at all, are not included.


2. Are considered foreign, i.e., outside The United Kingdom and Ireland (the 'British Isles').

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