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Four New Like New Signings Signings On Bbc

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Although it won't be long until the "like new signing" line will be rolled out :(





Where the flock have you been?! Every single Brown interview has mentioned that particular little tedious cliched excuse for the last two weeks.

10 out - 1 in

Roll up, roll up for your season tickets....

feck off

Not until you sign some players

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'tis worth noting that we're dealing with an impossible industry where the top employees are earning in one week what theaverage audient earns in TEN years...yeah







I've done the maths...


Stewart Milne seems more concerned with tackling this truth than affording himsel' messia status...is he right or is he wrong...


FCK knows

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Chill oot Hugh min I was laughing at Kelt's original post!


Very funny, although true, which is quite depressing really.


But very funny.



...but why are we panicking.

Tup said we'll be signing players - I'll sleep easy tonight.....


...or alternatively I'll think that the board of directors will penny pinch, let 10 players go, take about 3 in, and short change us.

But hey, we have a new f**king shiney all singing all dancing adidas strip to see.

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You are forgiven my child.


Tbh I'm very close to the point in not caring anymore. I'm just gonna wait and see what happens. Not looking great so far though.


my child?


I'm 50 next year...and have supported the dons through thin and thinner times..


We never don't care any more...


IIt's a strange religion nae doot..but the main protaganists (ie.US) cannot be called into question...we definitely exist..


why our emotions are so infrangibly attached to the plight of Aberdeen Fitba club...I dinna ken but they ARE..


Phukk knows pash phukk knows min....


I might well have been drunk when I wrote that.

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I'm only joking. He was asked to go, put in a difficult situation and aside from some cringeworthy pictures (and really they only relate to the situation, i.e. playing in a gers top*) handled it fairly well.


*For some reason to me the Santa hat was the worst, lol

Didna see the santa hat...so canna comment..


I was only jokin too tho bonny loon...


can't seem to enable smiley emoticons...


off to bed

night night

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