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Spirits For Quaffing


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i'm heading to glastonbury in a couple fo hours via the bols cocktail bar at schiphol airport.


while i am there i'm going to pick up a few bottles of spirits for the festival.

nice 1litre duty free efforts, decant them into a camping bottle and fanny's yer auntie.



i did this last year and really helped - instead of going for a leak after every pint managed to keep going for hours without the bogs, untill i started on the cider that is.


i can handle bourbon straight no bother, and will get a mixer for the gin.


got room for one more bottle, to be drank straight - help me out here what would you suggest?

nae vodka, dinna like it unless its freezing.

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Bought a bottle of Caorunn (ka-roon) Scottish gin at the airport a week ago. Just finished the bottle. Never been big on Gordons and tonic - one or two are ok - but this stuff will be a staple in my cabinet fae now on.


Highly recommend. www.caorunngin.com

Had a try of this stuff when I went through the airport a couple of weeks ago had red apple in it instead of lemon, quite good.

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