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Favourite Oil

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The whole point of K-Y is that it's not oil based.

Ask tup, he'll know all about it. :tup:


Did not know this, as I have never used it.


I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to lubricants you see.


A good old throaty gob aimed perfectly always does the trick for me.


Oh and Mr pisspipes, Asian bobby ???


Only if said Asian has a Cock like Sweet n Sour Chicken in Batter (Fat and round with very little length) From the Szchezuan Take away.

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Extra virgin olive oil.


mmmm mmmm mmmm


For doing what?


For stopping my car engine seizing, I'd go with motor oil.


For cooking Chinese food, peanut oil.... that sorts the men from the boys. Nane of this, "Ohhh, I've a peanut allergy" pish when it comes to Asian food... Eat it or starve, f**ker.... that's the Chinese motto.


For rubbing on a bird's tits, Baby oil.


For lubing up your arsehole to facilitate some bird's fingers.... probably chip fat. Now you might be surprised at that choice, and i'd understand any puzzlement, but I like the smell of chips mair than the smell of sh*te... plus I'd have already rubbed all the Baby Oil on her tits earlier, so you have to improvise. And there's aye chip fat.

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