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Spartans V Man Utd

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Spartans are playing Man Utd reserves in a pre-season friendly as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations for the club.


Been told it will be a team made up of the top players outwith the first 25 and will be filled with guys who are likely to go out on loan. Perhaps a chance for Brown to pick up a couple of favours from Fergie?


Tickets are now on public sale if anyone fancies it - not a huge amount left though!


See Spartans site

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These is but you need to get them from the spartans academy before 12pm today. The police won't let us have a pay at gate.


I have a few on me too if you want to PM me, however i'll be heading to ground at 11.30 as doing a live commentary at game.


Cheers pal, but I live just round the corner so I popped round this morning and got one.


Surely the there will be a scout from the dons down to look for some potential loan signings.

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