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Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares


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Last nights was the best ever, he spots a dead lobster in the fish tank and the manager claims it was only sleeping!


He then spots a pigeon flying about the kitchen/storeroom, after pulling loads of rotten stuff from the fridge he says the pigeon is the only fresh thing in the place but it won't last long if it starts eating.


I thought it was comedy gold, he may be a hun but he's alright in my book.


Watch it next Tuesday night, new series, brilliant stuff.


He's not as good as Marco but his one liners are top notch.

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I have it series linked on Sky but not seen last nights one yet. Cant wait now, sounds funny as f**k.

Is it the USA ones again ? The last series was absolutely hilarious.

I crack up at him going ape sh*t. Funny as f**k and he never holds back. Playing up to the cameras or not, its brilliant.

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Didn't see it but did it go anything like

Walnut heid goes to restaurant looks at menu and goes f**k look at the length of it

Then the food come out he says f**k a few more times

He gets lighting manager to make his eyes piercing blue!!

Meets staff, slags off chef/owners food, establishment and life (Swearing like a scene out of gangster no1)

Owner/chef quite rightly take exception to this and walks out/threatens ramsay who stands back with job done look on his face and security waiting behind camera

owner/chef comes back starts crying and says i'm ***$ in debt

Ramsay says keep it simple then overnight changes the restaurant decor spending $1000's which the owner would do but can't afford.

Lauches his menu to dignitaries but it's not right (endless f**k sakes)

Arranges some pointless group activity which gels the staff (lighthearted f**k f**ks)

next night everything is perfect he walks out with halo above his head and dragging the owner/chef along the floor who is kissing his feet.

Goes back weeks later and everythings going well and everybodys friends he indulges in some lighthearted f**k f**ker What a guy.


6 months later not on tv the twats that think cooking stops with chewed carmel head or jamie fishlips cock oliver stop going to owner/chef establishment and it goes under with massive debts a bit like ramsays own restaurants

I hear they're making a new version where Willie Miller tries to save ailing chipshops of the north east!!

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