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Scottish Open

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Who you fancying for it FS?


I'm possibly going to put a few quid on Ernie, then take another 3 from the field who I reckon may be worth a gamble.

No form being on a new course, so probably won't have a punt.


That said, Kemnay Loon is always good when playing local or in sh*te weather, seeing as this is local, and seeing as weather has been sh*te for the last month and more, he'll be great value and may get a pound of my money on his back.

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:dontknow: :confused:


Why so confused?


Aberdeen, Inverness and Nairn all have train stations. Now I imagine the Scottish open would have organised transport (shuttle buses) from Nairn/Inverness to the golf. Much like they do for the Open at St Andrews etc.

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Surely you can slum it with the peasants for a day ;)

In fairness I was being a bit facetious :checkit:


Nae sure I can be arsed with the train seeing as the carload that was going has now become just me, good for the beer tent, bad for mixing with peasants as you say :laughing:

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You thought f**k all.


I said I put a 5er e/w on Lawrie, you called me a liar.


You never asked, 'before the start of the tourny' or when I put him on, you assumed you see, you jumped the gun - and I shot you down with your own gun.


Thank you and good night x


you talk sh*te, as you happily tell us.



I would have expected.


" I backed peter lawrie today @ 40's when he birdied the 1st 3 holes"


not....I have a 5 e/w on peter lawrie, like your some golf guru.



1. I assumed u were talkin pish

2. u backed him early today


but a typical trait for you dear.

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I said I put him on a 5er e/w - you assumed I had put him on at the start of the tournament. I never specified, you never asked. I have a 5er e/w on him, this I have proven.......you did not ask me to specify until after I'd made you look silly by showing you I'd backed him.


This could have been tomorrow, before the tournament or after the first 3 holes......I put a 5er e/w on him, did I prove that? Yes I did.


I'm not called Rocket, I don't claim to be some golf guru.


You assumed I was talking sh*te, quite entitled to do so, I proved I wasn't, as I posted my bets for the tournament and it says

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Els has absolutely no chance. Not a prayer. Never f**king happening. I'll give you 100/1 or double the odds you get the bookie, whatever the greater.


-6 and tied 5th at the moment! hopefully double odds were taken!

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Rocket wouldn't pay out for me, so no idea why he actually says that to me. It's like he has something to prove because he thinks he's a golf guru.I'd pay him a tenner, and he'd laugh and never pay out, so pointless him even doing the whole 'I'll give you bla de bla odds'.


It's good to see him playing well though.


stop nicking my words


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