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Ssn Hotties The Definitive Guide!

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so who are the best ones then

Kirsty Gallacher, she has returned to the station and it is alway a joy to see her .


Charlotte Jackson you easliy know when its winter, Miss Jackson wear a outfit that doies'nt show cleveage.


Natalie Sawyer, my personal favourite just back after calving, she is the GF of former presenter Sam Matterface jus wonder what was goin on under the desk when they were on together,


Millie Clode, still a fine looking lady and very under rated


Hayley McQueen, the daughter of ex Scotland defender Gordon, she has a cracking front linkage, and recall she was on a few weeks back when the dress she had on was so tight she must've been poured into it, whilst she is no ugly duckling i coulk'ndt do her would always be thinking of Gordon McQueen!


Rachel Wyse lovely young Irish red head you know what they say "if the roofs rusty, the basements damp!" those lovely OIrish tones would keep me in ecstasy for hours.


Charlie Webster, her with the funny teeth that presents in the evening she looks rough.


Vicky Gomersall, usually has the shift partnering Jim White (poor quine) so she deserves credit for putting up with the hun c**t.


Georgie Thompson, a veteran on the channel now, and she for me is now upsurped by Jackson, Sawyer and Clode


Alex Hammond, usually on early morning with Mike (i would'nt mess with him , he's huge) Wedderburn. has history of jumping fences she has had 4 husbands( but only one was her own)


and very occasionally Sarah Jane Mee he that does football first she has a cracking set of pins on here and another with a rusty roof

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to post pictures


find the picture you want to use.


right click and copy the image url.


above where im typing in the reply box there are several images next to the smilie box. link, picture (looks like a polaroid), email address, quote, code, video.


click on the picture box, paste your pictures url in there and click insert image.


my favourite; sarah jane mee and her ridiculous short skirts for football first. :spunk: :spunk: :spunk:





same idea for youtube videos - click the media box and paste the link in there



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