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Man Builds Electric Chair To Attempt To Kill Divorce Seeking Wife

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Jesus, that's a bit of a Wile-E-Coyote way to kill someone, isn't it?


Did they find a pile of millet on the chair, with a 'Free Seed' sign planted in the middle?


Surely the smart way to kill someone is to do so in a way that could, realistically, be considered an accident.


"My wife fell down the stairs and broke her neck all accidental like."


"I didn't realise that the mushrooms I gave her were like the most poisonous mushrooms on the planet."


But you go to the trouble of clubbing someone unconscious and sticking them in an electric chair, and you're pretty much just giving up on any chance of it being taken as unintentional.


What also puzzles me is... how the f**k do you persuade someone to sit in an electric chair for a 'bit of a chat' while you're also slapping a rubber cosh in the palm of your hand?


"Is that an electric chair?"


"Naw, naw.. it's a Rennie Macintosh."



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