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Roughly 3 months fae now there'll be an article in the paper about him liking it, no having time tae learn the lingo etc, but excited by it all.

Roughly 6 months fae now there'll be an article that implies he's looking for a move back as his family havenae adjusted.

Roughly 12 months fae now he'll sign for someone in Division 1 in Engerland or Hibs.


Aye, probably.

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I would have thought Houston would have been a more attractive move. Presumably not as lucrative.


Good luck to him anyway.


Don't think Mo Ross got on very well over there though? Suppose he didn't have 4 million Chinese Yen (or whatever) to stuff under his mattress every week to be fair.

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he'll hate it, he'll have to find a maccy dees or some kind of decadent western eaterie!! he'll love the msg dips they have, it'll remind him of greggs. i wonder how his mandarin/cantonese or what ever is coming along, but they're might be another english speaker there that he could pal about with.

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have it on good authority hes heading back to hibs.


hes determined to give it 1 last go wi them and hes been told by brown that he will play him as a striker if he comes back, nae out on the wing.


non starter for anyone else unless they throw a barrel of money at him

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