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The Sad Story Of Zander Diamond

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nothing against kelt at all, i just dont see what the great hilarity is about!?


mildly amusing, maybe...


Well, I seem to remember you didn't think people dressing up as Scooby Doo characters was funny... despite me pointing out that people dressed as Scooby Doo characters is always funny.


That should be my benchmark... anyone who doesn't think Scooby doo costumes are the funniest sh*t ever is probably not my target audience.



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I think if Kelt was made manager of the Fulham club shop you'd shag him.


haha a quick search of this site brings up some hilarious results:


where is kelt to lower the IQ of this place!!!!!! good to see some similar radges goin about....let the depravity begin i say.


i was thinkin about Kelt a few days ago and hes all this place needs to kick into life properly.


Anyone else remember the thread: Is kelt dumber than his dog? i saved it on here, found it afew days ago and still find it f**kin hillarious.


who is goin for the next afc-chat presidential ellections a la liga. Campaign should be based on "if you ellect me, ill get you Kelt"


i miss Kelt. I know he never actually got on this board but he was always a cert for a laugh


remember, he was "donstalks most feared poster, 2005"


also see Kelt has joined us which im delighted about. some of the funniest posts ive ever read in my life. id liken kelt coming to afc chat as on a par wi ronaldo going to madrid.


:hysterical: ffs min kelt, somethin nae right wi you. thats brilliant


liked, favourited and emailed to mates.


good lord i love kelt


that was superb. i didnt look at the author before i started reading. so after the 1st sentence i was confused as f**k since it looks 100% legit.


stunning work sir :applause:


i think thats my post of the year. :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

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