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Moscow Teams

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What are the names of all the professional fitba teams from Moscow, past and present?


I recall a Moscow team called Traktor Moscow from back in the day, but cannae find but jack and sh*t about them.


Was there ever a Traktor Moscow?

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Well, you've all been of great help to me... by which I mean no f**king help whatsoever.


Incidentally, I think I recall where I heard of Traktor Moscow, and chances are it wisnae a real team.


Btw, Bluto, Cheesepipes.... you two going to send me a copy of the sex vid when you get around to filming it?


I'll fap to that.

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Imagine getting Vladivostok away in Europe. Mental trip.


Spent a lot of time in Vlad this last year, beautiful girls and on the other side of the world away from work....though a 9 hour internal flight on Aeroflot from Moscow can be a bit of a chore....and unbelievably no alcohol allowed on the plane....

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