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Combi Boilers


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Any gas safe guys on here?


Looking to replace my combi boiler which is now 17 years old. It owes me nothing at that age and due to a new kitchen going in I've decided to replace this as well.


Anyway I don't plan to be in this house for more than another two years so I don't want to spend loads on a decent boiler. My current boiler is a Ferroli, yip a 17 year old Ferroli which is still going strong. Everyone who has given me a quote has been amazed!


As I say I can't justify spending loads so I was wondering if anyone has any opinions/preference on Potterton boilers, Ferroli, Glow worm or Vokera boilers. It will be a minimum of a 28 if that helps.


Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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buy a non-condensing one off the net and just get someone to fit it as a casher. You are only supposed to fit efficient ones now but any questions when selling the hoose just say it's been in since 2007.








these are decent boilers. both exactly the same inside but with different badges

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