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St Johnstone Roll Call

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In or Out: Undecided. Depends on what state the garden is when I get home on Wednesday.

Pre: Garden or bus

Post: Garden or bus

Prediction: Weeds everywhere, chickens have demolished newly planted veg and compost coming on a treat / A dour 2-1 either way.

Chant: "Why did you let those chickens out?" / "Mackie, Mackie, get to f**k."

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In or Out: Out - first game at Pittodrie missed in 22 years. Thankfully on Alba so will see whole game later

Pre: Playing against Derby, Gillingham and Preston fans in Leeds

Post: Piss up in Leeds

Prediction: 1-1 Mackie

Chant: IML are number 1

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In or Out: In (taking my nephew to his first game)

Pre: Home

Post: Home for a change then my little cousins 18th

Prediction: 2-0 (Vernon and Mackie)

Chant: "Abuldeen, Abuldeen."

:scarf: All the best to the wee man. Hope he loves it, it's a positive result and leaves him thirsty for more. :scarf:


In or Out: Out (sunning myself on holiday)

Pre: Sipping Effes in a Turkish Taverna proudly sporting my shiny new Adidas AFC top (hopefully with Sly Sports on in the background)

Post: Sipping Effes in a Turkish Taverna still proudly sporting my shiny new Adidas AFC top

Prediction: 2-0, Vernon and PeePaw

Chant: "I can see ye sneaking out" to some confused looking tourists

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