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I guess we'll just have to eat less.


Charlie Allan, Michelle McManus, the two slabs of blubber that won the Euromillions, Alan McLaren, Chris Moyles, Charles Kennedy, Alec Salmond, Giant Haystacks, James Corden, Pavarotti, Anne Widdecombe etc.


Do you hear this man?


Wise words.


People have been eating too much for too long.


Having said that, there should be different prices for identical products depending on how fat you are, scales at the checkouts, or just Chubby Checkouts for fat people, bog standard eens for the rest of us.

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I think its funny how most supermarkets you can get 10 bags of crisps for a pound and a massive bag of chocolate for about the same.


But for 4 apples (decent apples) £2.50


Punnet of Rasps, Blueberries etc £2.00


also price of general veg is shocking compared to 10 chicken dippers for 30p


No wonder the country has so many fatties.

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Rome wisna built on a diet of f**king fruit, you might as well eat plates of water, they've seen you coming a mile away for your tenner.


Mind you, they say dogs eventually turn into their owners, and I believe you may yet turn into a bit of a fruit if you keep it up.


Dinna believe the hype, fruit & veg is pish, so are crisps and sweeties mind you.

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