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First Spl Managerial Casualty

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As a manager I don't rate Calderwood at all.... I reckon if Hibs have a terrible start he could be amicably allowed to leave, probably landing up as coach at some Championship team down south.


Totally agree. Thought Calderwood was a strange choice at the time and Hibs were pretty much a disaster last season.


I'll go with Calderwood.

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4/1 Jim Jeffries

4/1 Derek McInnes

4/1 Kenny Shiels

9/2 Terry Butcher

7/1 Danny Lennon

10/1 Craig Brown

12/1 Stuart McCall

16/1 Peter Houston

16/1 Neil Lennon

16/ Ally McCoist

20/1 Jim McIntyre




William Hill.


Have they some inside info? I wouldn't have thought there was much chance at all of the sack in the short term (this season) so I can only assume they think he may walk.

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I reckon that Lennon might go early.


Personally think he might get involved in something and end up having to leave and blame will be on the "pressure he has been under"


I see he is already complaining about the early start and "mental stress"


Maybe if they hadnt travelled all the way to Australia for preseason and then have to play 7 games in 17 days now the season has started (only TWO of those are league games!) he wouldnt have tired or stress players


Do reckon he could go and go early

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Anyone who thinks that Kirk Clubfoot would be a 'decent signing' should be watching the Rangers-Hearts match. Even in a defence where folk like Boughera can cover for him, he remains nothing less than an absolute abortion of a footballer. In fact the Hunnery have been appalling so far, Hearts much the better team.

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