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Full match on tomorrow 5.30, working all day so will avoid score and watch when I get home, will ****ing murder any can't who tells me the score!


BBC alba is cracking, actually watching a game whilst not getting exceptionally pissed off at the rubbish that the commentators are spouting is good!

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Ah well, will I still be able to make out the player's names then?


If you're watching it why would you need to make out the player's names in Gaelic commentary?


You'll be able to recognise who the player is by their face and their name and number on the back of their strip. :thumbup1:

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I cannot remember the last time one of our games featured on Alba. I record it every week and I dont think we have been on since Sept or Oct last year. Am i right?

3 times at start of season then nothing. Next one end of March against ICT then the week after against Hearts.

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