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Pars -St Midden

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Hasn't been brilliant but wouldnt say hes been tht bad!



distribution has been excellent though


No he's looked ok, SPL is his level but he wants more time on the ball. Needs to get used to the hectic pace in this glamorous silky league.


Why the fk are they both in their away strips?

Pars first home game in SPL season & they wear their away :wtf:

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But he didn't connect & Jack was right in front of ref & connected

Very similar though, had he connected he'd have been off for sure.


True. That tackle looked a lot more malicious I thought. Just trying to start conversation of some sorts while watching that awful football match!

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Don't think it was the same, Jack's was studs in where as he was just trying to block the ball, rather than tackle, you can see it better from behind goals (tnite).


Dire game, Saturday has got 0-0 written all over it.


Don't agree, if the pars lad hadn't pulled both feet back & out of the way. It would have been studs into his feet/ankles (& you see it better from behind also)


Agree with last bit though

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Thought it was quite a good game to be honest, loads of chances and some decent stuff played by st mirren.


If they play like that against us on saturday they will win.


Dont really fancy the prospect of Van Zanten and Hasselbaink / Teale running at our non-existant left side.

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Pretty poor game but St Mirren totally dominated without producing very much (sounds familiar). I thought Hasselbaink looked like a decent player who could cause us problems, he should've controlled that ball with the last touch of the game and stuck it away though.


The Pars looked very poor although they will improve and grind out some results. All in all, I think these will be the worst 2 teams this year but we will still probably lose to both!

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