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European Super League

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Are we about to enter a new era in football? This article seems to suggest that we are:


My link


Money, money, money. The wee guys are doomed and nobody gives a f**k.


Tup...I fear for your mental health man. Just don't read the article or contribute anything to this thread!



It's about time we created our own European Super League (Tennents Super being the sponsors). Invitation only. Hearts/Hibs and United can battle over who will be the 2nd Scottish representative along with ourselves. The Old Firms league of 2 have to go through a rigorous qualifying campaign to get into the actual tournament, which 9 out of 10 times they fail to do as they face European heavywieghts such as Malmo, Victoria Zizkov, Utrecht, Bratislava, Unirea and Kaunus. Money is split evenly - then any surplus divied out in prize money. Teams from all over europe - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland etc - compete. When the Premiership goes bust Man United, City and Chelsea beg for the English league to be allowed to compete, but are turned away at the door.

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Tennents Super League, class.


Win that and you qualify for the Special Brew-offs.


Drink based teams will flock to this, guaranteed, Buckie would be an early favourite from the Scottish contingent, Steve McLaren's MadDog Twente/Twente, Belgian cracks FC Beersandschots, the efficient teutonic Hoffandahoffenheim, Dutch floor cleaning desperados Ajax, and of course the wine based Cork City.


Round it off with a Homeless World Cup, sponsored by massive capitalist conglomerate Regal King Size, which is of course Lager backwards, which is where most of the players will be falling.

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