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Fyvie & Jack

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I think this is a really encouraging step for our youth development and obviously the players themselves. Particularly Fyvie who's barely played due to injury and still has 3 years at that level.


Therefore I think it's really bad there is no mention at all on redweb of this news, yet they are usually quick enough to tell us that a player has been called up to Faroe Islands u17's in a friendly against San Marino.

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Pleased for both of them. Jack seems to be going about his business in the first team without any of fanfare that players such as Fyvie and Maguire had recieved, which should hopefully keep his feet on the ground and his career on the correct path.


It's always good to see our young players in the Scotland squads. Fyvie was captain of the U19 I believe? Sure he'll be captaining the U21 squad in no time!



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Bit harsh to criticise the club for not putting something on the website given the squad is not to be announced until next week and the EE are just filling space with this story as it is nothing more at this stage than speculation that both are to be included.


Would be even more embarrassing for the club to put the info on the website only for one or other of them then not to be picked. :poster_oops:

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