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Absolutely agree with this, got to protect your capital and assets. Apparently middle class couples in their 30s and 40s are causing the most grief to solicitors because of their demands in divorce settlements. With 45% of couples divorcing in the UK (or round about) it makes sense. Actually even if it was a much lower % I'd still be wanting to protect my capital and assets that I myself have acquired. Not romantic but the rational thing to do imo.


Exactly, you just have to look at the Heather Mills case to realise how badly the divorce laws in this country are tilted in favour of woman:



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As long as your 100% sure lad, i wish you all the best.


p.s. get ursel a decent solicitor to advise on the benefits of a pre-nuptal agreement to avoid a possible cheesepipes's pal type situation



I wish I did! I've been left with Fook all. Having to start from scratch. Wouldn't have minded if id been screwing around, but it just kinda fizzled out. Everything was going well after we split,until the f**king solicitors got involed.

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