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The Players That Never Quite Made It

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i will go back to the eighties to start us off, Bobby Geddes former Dundee keeper was a quality goalkeeper who despite good displays every week against top class attackers never played for a top club, or got a call up to the full Scotland squad a shame as he was a good player.


another keeper i'll nominate Campbell Israel Money, the St Mirren keeperaas with Geddes he was underated never getting a move to a top side i remeber when Leighton lefet Aberdeen i wanted us to sign Money as replacement anyway we never and he never did move to a top side and despite featuring in many Scotalnd squads he had to get past Leighton, Goram and Roughie and never did gain a fully desreved Scotland cap

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Ex-Dons -


Hugh Roberston - legs like tree trunks and an absolute howitzer of a shot on him I seem to recall, never really progressed.


Stephen Payne - as accurate a crosser of a ball as I can remember at Pittodrie.


Brian Grant - I would never say Brian Grant never 'made it', but he was a far better midfielder than Paul McStay ever was. McStay got 70+ Scotland caps, Grant didn't get any.


Others -


Iain Anderson - Winger who played for Dundee in the late 90s. I thought he was a cracking player, then he moved to France and seemed to disappear off the map.

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