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Lowlights Are Up

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Going by the highlights id blame Foster for the goal. He runs away from Hasslebank towards Arnason already marking a player, leaving the boy all on his lonesome. Such a basic error to make. Very very poor.


imo Foster had a really poor day (or average for Foster of 3 years ago) - he often went a wandering - he seems slower than I remember but no less incapable of tackle or pass. I'd agree with assessment, Foster let the player free, he also got lost on one of their sitters (which they missed) when they were able to cross in unopposed because Foster had gone to the other side. (slightly unintentional pun)

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Bad performance; we're gonna see many indifferent performances with a squad of average players like ours.


However if St Mirren were missing 3 or 4 1st team players (assuming they're not) and we were at full strength, then it would likely have been different. Let's face it we can't afford to miss guys like Mawene, Clark, Fyvie & seemingly Jack (jury's out on Folly thus far), especially when we don't have a left back, left winger or a strike partner for Vernon yet.


The lad Hasslebank looks a busy mobile forward, that's what we need, someone who can create and run at defenders, get them on the back foot...but he needs to be a finisher as well.


I'm as disheartened as the rest, but I'm trying to put things into perspective. We've got new players to bed in, we got a red card and some injuries to cope with early on, which does ring alarm bells of McGhee's time. If Brown can get us a stellar forward, a good LB on loan and maybe a good winger on loan, then we should be ok.


I'll wait till we're 10-15 games in before I really start to worry because every other side will hit a bad run.

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