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Stewart Milne = Naughty Boy

Big Man

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I had a look at the logs. Nothing has been removed from that thread.


I must have been mistaken in the thread I posted it in then. I was sure it was the Books one. Never mind. Cheers for that though.


Just do a google search for "Stewart Milne v" without the " " and you get a few of his cases anyway.

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Stoneys referring to a personal loan milne gave afc, not the overall debt, where he charges 1.5 above bank base rate interest.


Probably a better deal then you'd get from a bank so in that case it's a nice loan to have.


I'm sure plenty will say he should be doing it interest free but the adults amongst us will realise that's not great business sense and ultimately he sees AFC as a business. Not a very well run one it must be said but a business none the less.

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