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Big Man

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Some of the comments in the death penalty thread got me thinking about the nature of punishment in the criminal justice system. So, money and human rights law no object, how would run a correctional a facility to act as a deterrent against future offending?




My Vision:


Her Majesty's Prison Big Man would be on a remote island off the west coast somewhere

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Personally i reckon the people least informed as to how prisons should be run are the people who run prisons.


There was an experiment done some time ago, relating to incarceration... half the subjects took the role of inmates, half took the role of guards. After about 30 seconds the whole thing went sh*t-shaped, and regular people were acting like Rangers supporters.


Stanford prison experiment


sh*t got real, and they had to end it less than half way through the planned schedule.


In my 100% uninformed opinion the worst offenders should be sent to the mythical Kelt Island... named after me so they know who put them there... where there's enough raw material in the form of lumber, rocks, fresh water and wildlife enough for subsistence living. Give them a means to communicate with the real world, so if someone requires medical attention then they don't just die through lack of meds (Are you listening, Israel?). They can live in some cheap prefab cabin supplied at the taxpayer's expense, or they can go build themselves a f**king log cabin if they like. Not our problem. So guys like murderers, rapists, w*nkers and people I personally dislike for no particular reason can all be removed from society with the minimum of expense and hassle. Off to live on Kelt Island.


For guys like burglars and muggers, stick them in prison or, if they're young and fit, stick them in the army to learn some discipline... maybe a punishment battallion where they work on civil projects like fixing roads, digging wells, repairing bridges.


I'd also decriminalise a whole bunch of drug-related crimes.


fines are pointless, and I'd drop those in favour of community service.

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