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If it was female she'd have been none the wiser, daft bint.


If it was male it was a preplanned cute shortcut, smart lad!


It was a female. She got to the end of the road and indicated right across West North Street, before realising that she could not turn right and then had to go down to Morrisons to turn left. Definite daft bint.

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I saw a car go down a one way street the wrong way yesterday...

I once was driving along Denburn dual-carriageway towards Skene Square and i f**king couldn't believe my eyes, some asian guy pulls out from the road where the Gilcomston pub used to be (forget the name of the road) and proceeds to drive down the wrong way towards the roundabout. I never even had enough time to blast my horn and tell him he was going the wrong way. f**king hilarious but unbelievable :hysterical::o

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