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The Corporal Killings

The Boofon

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Reading through the old stuff from the riots of the 80's got me thinking back to other people who were killed in riots or other situations.


With the copper being killed in 1985 I instantly also remebered about the two soldiers dragged out of their car and executed in Ireland around the same sort of time.


All related to the three IRA fellas taken out by the SAS in Gibraltas. Michael Stone then also going bananas at their funeral kicked off the two soldiers getting it.


Anyway youtube footage exists and is obviously of a horrible nature so don't click the link unless you really want to. I've deliberately not embedded it so as to give you the choice.


NSFW I would imagine.


The Corporal Killings

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When there was republican funerals it was common for the army to gather intelligence on who attended etc think the official story was the signal boys were driving to their base and happened to take a wrong turn. When the procession saw the car they suspected it was another attack at a funeral. Horrific scenes. Apparently they were bundled into a taxi and driven to a nearby industrial site. Once their identities as British army was known they were stripped and executed.

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Why were they driving like that though?


From what I understand they got a bit flustered when they ended up right beside them and for obvious reasons tried to get the f**k out of there ASAP. Unfortunately for them they took a wrong turn and ended up getting blocked in. Then it was tatties.


Not sure why the Army Helicopters taking the video footage never did anything about it though. Strange one.


Michael Stone was a lucky boy the previous week. They caught him and had him in the car ready to be shot when the car was stopped and he was bundled out. His attack on the funeral is also on youtube and also makes for fascinating viewing.


Lunatics the lot of them.

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The two soldiers had guns and should have used them, they should have also put the car into gear and kept driving.


Shocking why the army didn't come to the rescue, IRA scum.




Totally agree.


I couldnt understand why the 2 of them showed such restraint - they must have known

they were in serious danger.

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during the 'troubles in Ireland the army used civilian cars to transfer documents and non essential goods around the city in 'Q Cars'. these guys either from Motor transport platoons or signals carried pistols and went from base to base daily normally swithcing vehicles and routes on a daily basis.

I was with the army in Belfast in 86 and it was common practice.


as i remember it at the time this was not an intelligence mission, just a badly planned route on that day.

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