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Zander Diamond

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To be fair to Diamond, he apparently had a really good game despite losing 2-0 and could have scored a couple as well. The fans were raving about how well he played in that 2-0 defeat, and that he was leading the line well and shouting and encouraging the players around him. Doesn't sound like the Diamond we all know and loath.


f**k it, I hope he does alright down there. He was sh*te for us, but i'm not going to hold any grudges.

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Zander was shite in his last couple of seasons and it was best for both parties when he left AFC. Remember he almost signed for Hearts? I bet he's glad he failed a medical at tynecastle now!


Like most footballers, he was thick as mince. The pope facebook-gate just showed him to be a typical weegie mink.

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