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Bert And Ernie To Marry?

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FFS, kids that watch Sesame Street don't understand anything about normal marriage either...


Here last year they were wanting to put a new children's book in the national kindergarten curriculum, where the Prince married the Prince. It got short shrift, and thankfully as parents we can boot it out of oor kindergarten if it is ever proposed.

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I bought a kid's picture book called 'Daddy's Wedding', where Timmy's divorced father announces his engagement to his male partner.. the whole book being about the preparations for the wedding, then the big day... and everyone's delighted and most of the guests look like Freddie Mercury, and even Mummy comes to the wedding, and then everyone eats cake withe the groom and the groom, and the happy labrador jumps around and everyone has a great time being gay.


I've considered writing a sequel called 'Timmy Ends Up With A Cock In His Mouth'... about how he grows up to suck dick.


But there's no correlation to suggest that happens, and I don't care enough anyway.


Still, it would have been funny.


Well, to me at least.


In fact, here's the cover.


I've often wondered what Timmy's daddy is doing with his hand in the middle picture.



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