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have to do a basic leaders award. its just some bureaucracy really to make sure your not a complete idiot. lvl 1 in a piece of piss. just turn up and take it all in. its very good in fairness, you get so many ideas and taught how to coach rather than just turning up and trying to impart your wisdom.


then from what i understand of the scottish system, you specialise after that towards which age group you want to work with.




im not sure where this part fits in but if its what i expect, then this is the route ive taken in wales.


.pdf"]My link


Leaders(D badge) - C badge - B license - A license - Pro license.


dont like how they call it basic license for the B though. its anything but basic!!!

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I see the netherlands are #1. all the coaches in scotland need to screw the nut and realise that winning the bob mathers memorial cup is not the be all and end all.


lots for me to get all frothy about this, so no wonder the young eens that move from scotland realise that the world doesn't end if you don't win the auchinleck fish bar u15's consolation cup.

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