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Straightners are straighteners but for gays. You obviously don't use them.


But do you use straighteners?


I'm pretty sure he does, aye - hence why I asked loon.


Then I've already answered your question loon. :sherlock:


If Pat models himself on me and uses straighteners then I must also use straighteners.


You need to think beyond what's in front of you Robert.


A nice bit of lateral thinking wouldn't go amiss.


If you weren't busy on Sunday I'd ask you to the grouse shoot where you could receive further knowledge and understanding.


Never could get those f**king Funhouse questions right though. :suicide:

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Haha, fair play.


It's Robo to you, not Robert ;).


I don't do lateral thinking. The weekend binges on toxins have wiped that part of my brain.


Grouse shooting sounds interesting!



It's superb. My mate bought a couple of dogs the other week and paid an absolute fortune for them. They come from great gundog stock and apparently are already champing at the bit to get going. Bought a new gun last time home as well so this'll be a great weekend.


It's my turn to drive though so nae booze for me on the way up.


Gives me the chance to take the new wheels out and about for the first time though.


Nae sure yet whether to go for the Overfinch upgrade or leave it as is.

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