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Just been watching Soccer AM and Soccer Saturday on the iPad. I don't have Sky so this is amazing. I have someone else's log in. Apparently you can get Sky Go for £15 a month without subscribing to Sky??

I don't know if it work on the iPod Touch but apparently is also for the iPhone? How well does it work without wifi?

And why isn't there an Android app yet :(

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We've got sky in the house and dads got sky at his, Where u getting these log in details? Wouldn't mind trying this on my iPhone as long as its free to use if we have sky


The log in details are your user name you use to sign in to check your sky email/nevermiss etc. You can go to the sky site and sign up to it tho by the looks of things. Was watching the Liverpool game earlier at work on my iPhone, it is indeed magic!

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