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Possible Excellent Deal - Hp Touchpad


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Is this due to the news that HP have dropped to O/S for this and are pulling out of the hardware manufacturing?


HP are getting out of the hardware business. They're dropping WebOS (the OS of the touchpad) and bought over a UK software company. They're just focussing software now.


Hence why the touchpad stock is being liquidated.

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Probably as they appear to be copying what my company did over 5 years ago. HW is a commodity now, there is very little margin in it.


Oh well. I've been meaning to get one of those continuous ink type systems with the massive bottles anyway, looks like this will serve as a catalyst...

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Sorry they changed it at some point without telling anyone:


By Kate O'FlahertyFri Aug 26 2011, 10:57CUT PRICE HP Touchpads and Palm Pre 3 smartphones will not go on sale in Europe today, despite earlier hints to the contrary.


The INQUIRER visited the Palm Eurostore web site this morning after HP promised a 10am update about both devices yesterday.


However, we discovered that the "update" on the HP Pre 3 has been delayed until 31 August, while cut price HP Touchpads will not go back on sale, at least in the Palm Eurostore, for the foreseeable future.


The Palm Eurostore's update on the Pre 3 said, "No new orders can be taken for this Product at this time. No change expected to that position before 31st August."


"Customers who have an existing order with us will be contacted directly by our customer service team on Friday 26th in relation to the status of their order. We will contact you - please can we ask you to be patient and await contact by us."


It added, "We, at Palm Eurostore, are continuing to pursue all options to try to obtain Pre 3 product. We do not, however, expect to have any further information in this respect before Wed 31st Aug. Any new information will appear here first."


Both the Touchpad and the Palm Pre were also listed as sold out on HP.co.uk.



Read more: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2104772/hp-pre-stock-touchpads#ixzz1W9gUwgtX

The Inquirer - Computer hardware news and downloads. Visit the download store today.


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