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Fergie And The Beeb

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Sir Alex Ferguson will once more be giving post-match interviews to Match of the Day after the Manchester United manager finally called off his seven-year feud with the BBC after a personal plea from the director-general.




Mark Thompson met Sir Alex to resolve a dispute which began with a BBC documentary in 2004 called Father and Son, in which it was alleged that the manager's son Jason, a football agent, had exploited his father's position to gain advantages in the transfer market. Sir Alex was outraged and began a boycott of BBC programmes in protest.






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who cares about his son and a bit of nepotism?

happens everywhere.

waste of my license fee if you ask me.


see he, or united, gets fined when he doesnt appear in front of cameras.


mustve had some tab to pick up after 7 years.



F u c k nepotism ! We do need to keep an eye on it. Your judgement is flawed , Bluto.....I tak bak a' the nice things I iver said aboot ye.


I love the Beeb( but don't want their babies ) , it's a tough job and somebody's got to do it.

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